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Pracovna is a place where you will find more than just a desk, a chair, Wi-Fi and a printer.

We have the peace and the creative energy which you miss elsewhere, which you are looking for.

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Corporate, personal, cultural, sports and meditation events. Whether you want to sit at tables or make room to move around. Do you need a projector, a bar, a piano, catering, a couch, a microphone, people, a flipchart, a guitar, photo/video production or something else? We have that!

There are over 200 events a year. So we know everything about the clients’ needs..

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Breakfast, work, coffee, meeting, rest, work, and a drink in the evening?

Like co-working, a newly refurbished bistro is available from Monday to Saturday in the front part of the Workroom, which we kindly called "Laskafe" which in Czech means “KindCafé”.

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The purpose of our existence is that you don't

come "only" because of your business,

but to enjoy place where you feel good.

Do what you love and fulfil you.

We've created a place where you can focus.

Meet people, who are mindful, with whom you feel safe, confident.

- - -  

There is magic going on - be a part of it if you want.

Dům Pracovny
Bar Laskafe
Kavárna Laskafe
Velká Pracovna
Velká Pracovna
Velká pracovna

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Programu for startups,

new entrepreneurs 

and ideamakers.


Pracovna & Laskafe

Vlkova 36, Praha 3

Covid opening

Monday - Friday

8:30 - 17:30


# bookings

724 677 343




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Use our large workroom, meeting room or our café in a new design.

Rent some or all of the space using our equipment, catering and staff.

 small pracovna 

 big pracovna 


 capacity of 30 people 

 100m2 + 40m2 upstairs capacity 

 capacity of 60 + 20 people 





 capacity of 15 people 

+ kitchen, toilets 


 capacity of 8 people 





 capacity of 30 people 

 capacity of 40 people 




M36 (8 people) 

200 Kč / h

V34 (12 people)

300 Kč / h


 (30 people) 

900 Kč / h


(30 people)

Half-day (5 hours) 

(8:00-13:00; 13:00-18:00)

3500 Kč

Whole day (10 hours)


5900 Kč

Evening (4 hours)


2500 Kč



(60 + 20 people)

Half-day (5 hours) 

(8:00-13:00; 13:00-18:00)

5900 Kč

Whole day (10 hours)


8900 Kč

Evening (4 hours)


3900 Kč

Renting the whole space/combination for more days and weekends possible > Contacts

payment in advance = 5% discount

VAT not included DPH |  valid from 1 March 2020

:) The price includes all services: our staff, the projector, printing, the flipchart, water


prices include VAT


40 Kč


240 Kč


900 Kč


2700 Kč

+ membership benefits


2 700,- / month

VAT included

(unlimited access except for events)

unlimited access 6 days a week

up to 30 seats for your quiet work and 20 seats in the Laskafe café

Meeting room and equipment available to members at all times outside of rental / events

We connect, search and help you with your projects

Surprise, surprise, we have the Internets, the printers, the projectors, the flipcharts :)

We don't disturb. We have suitable premises to handle your calls.

10% discount on coffee / limo / beer and other services in our café-bar.


Be yourself.

Work on anything that makes sense to your life.

Personalities are working with us, which makes working and spending time together more fun.

We co-create an extraordinary place that energizes you, moves your thoughts, projects, and your personality.



PRACOVNA & Laskafe

Vlkova 36, Praha 3, 13000, Czech republic

OPEN: Mon - Fri 9 - 19h | Sat 10 - 15h

Radim (events, rentals, catering)

724 677 343 | radim(at)

Pavel (coworking, bistro-café, parties)

774 370 547 | pavel(at)

Pracovna s.r.o. | sídlo: Řehořova 45, Praha 3 | IČ 02093839 (plátce DPH)

Zapsaná v OR spisová zn. C 215495 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze



In February 2019, Pracovna changed owners. After a complete reconstruction and a successful first year of operation, we "had a break" during the corona virus, in which we shot a supportin mini-series for campaign on Since June 2020, we have a Peruvian chef, we have expanded the range of spaces and services, and a new partner has joined our team.


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We will be happy to welcome you here, take you, and ask you what we can do for you.

best regards

Radim Dolejský, Pavel Železný, Jan Tajovský

with chef Carlos Hilgert and the Laskafe team

2019 © Pracovna s.r.o. |  All you need is Pracovna. | Design and copywrite by Pavel Železný & team

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