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33% discount

for students

just start

its super

simple here

950 CZK / h


Enough time to upload everything you need. In that time, you should be able to complete one or two episodes of your podcast.


1 hour in the studio


2 hours in cowork

33% discount
for students

10% discount

when buying min 10 hours

850 CZK / h


If you want to come to us more often, we welcome that. That's why you have a lower price and even more time and service in our premises


1 hour in the studio


1/2 day in cowork

20% discount

with a purchase of at least 30 hours

750 CZK / h


You are at home with us and you record like on a treadmill. If you can, you can even record over time if the conversations or your creativity get going and can't be stopped.


1 hour in the studio


1 day in cowork



773 751 109


PODstudio Technics

Included in the rental price:

1x RODEcaster PRO (desk)

4x microphone RODE POD Mic

1x K&M POP filter

1x SD card 64GB for data download

1 x comfortable headphones

4 x stable desktop stand

1 x RODE larger arm for 1 microphone

1 x selfie/mobile phone stand with light

Anything extra? 

Reading device ..... 200 CZK  

LED panel light for filming ..... 100 CZK/pc

(3200 - 4100 Kelvin with intensity/color control)


HAMA tripod for camera/camera/mobile ..... CZK 50



Can't edit recorded material? 

Leave it to us, we will adjust your audio track as you need it to go on the air as soon as possible. 

Depending on the amount of work, the needs and the complexity of the recordings, we will either help you with this or hand over the entire material.


Do you need to record material such as an audiobook, short stories, a story, or simply have someone with you to help you so that the result is great and the work has the appropriate quality?


We work with composers who can either find and license the background music, jingle or jingle for your recording.


Not enough?


We can tailor the background music and sounds to your podcast or recording so that everything "plays" :) 


Do you have a topic, material, concept, but no moderator? We do :)


Alternatively, you have a guest to come with whom everything is arranged, but your moderator "exploded" at you?

That's exactly why we're here to help and get you a moderator to fit your budget.


Do you want to produce a complete PODcast with us?

No problem.


Let's get together and discuss all the details, whether we can start or produce your project from B to Z.

...that And maybe you already have it :) 


It started again for him. Despite the adversity of covid time in Pracovna, which Pavelco-own, gathered enough energy, courage and led other "fools" to embark on another project. PODstudio!


Every project must have its own project manager, in our case one is the event manager Petr , which takes care of events, holds everything together so that your podcast or event turns out to be the best.


Actor, presenter, improviser, lecturer. Nikola he said yes, he helped us come up with it, prepare it, film it, and he is the voice and face of PODstudio, for which he is simply (even for a long time) indispensable!



I created merch that will liven up your wardrobe!

It is local, original, made of quality material and describes our love for good coffee and quality sound! 

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