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We established a publishing house

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The Covid time took a lot from us, but it also gave us a lot. Especially time to devote to new things, ideas, projects. One of them is the newly established publishing house, under which we want to publish several times the works that we find, or that find us.

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Where to start?

A better achievement than the publication of the first book by us and the author Miroslav Komínek, what about the author of a successful blogPřerov City Police, we couldn't wish. The whole work started in the fall of 2020, when the operations came to be closed again and thereforeimpossibility to do what the Workplace is for. We boldly approached the author if he would like to translate his stories, which he transcribes from the real situations of his colleagues in the field, into a book form, which Pavel Železný from Pracovna has had in his head and diaphragm for a long time, because if anything the daily contributions from Přerov have an effect , then precisely the oscillation of this smile-sensitive organ.


In mid-August, the book went to press and to the first fansbook 365+1 the story of police officers from Přerov  will reach the end of August. We are working on the completion of an audio book, a podcast and are already preparing an autograph session, author's reading and wider distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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