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As they say, so long after the publication of the book, the public calls until there are those of us who will do it! :) Thanks to you, an author's and publisher's first work will be created, we hope also an audiobook and a bookcase. By buying each book, you also support a charity project that may not be so lucky to have fans.

In the fall of 2020, in the times of severe covid, a great group of people started moving who could not do what their careers were aimed at and said they wanted to help the world of work that Czech Facebook enjoys, improves the image of city police officers and is, well, simply exceptional.

Unmistakable transcripts of real events

Because it combines something alive, unique and distinctive. That is, the literary and graphic art of the two brothers in such a way that it has already been recognized, for example, by the association of copywriters with the Golden Pen and the public has chosen it as the Magnesia Litera blog of the year.

You may not know the author's name, but his blog/facebook with unmistakable transcriptions of events in the picturesque Czech language from the town of Přerova probably do.

Miroslav Komínek, a constable of the Přerov Municipal Police, where he has served for over 20 years, writes in his spare time minutes of events that actually happened, so interestingly that the local Municipal Police website has 25,000 pages. following fans and earned several awards right after a year of writing. It would be such a sin to leave stories locked away under a bunch of likes in a sterile online environment.

Who is behind the project?

We are a bunch of people from Pracovna, a multifunctional space with a coworking space, a cafe and probably the largest open library at Žižkov :). We are people who are not afraid and do things differently, in our own way. Sometimes we beat ourselves up, sometimes we shine. In any case, we decided in the fall in covid-time that we don't have as much to do due to the closed business, so we will try to publish a book from the blog of the Přerov Municipal Police.

What will the collected money be used for?

To publish the book = i.e. preparation, payment of costs with printing and distribution of the book and operation of the Workshop and people,who worked diligently on the work for a year and prepared it.

5% of the amount from each book sold through Donio will go to a selected charity project/projects that we will choose together with the author during the campaign.Not everyone is lucky enough to have such great fans, so we want to give something from every book sold to those who need every penny.

(in 2022, we bought a 3-story bed, mattresses and bed linen worth a total of CZK 25,000 for a single woman with four children from Přerov whom we selected together.)

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