cowork manager

Radim Dolejský

724 677 343

Be yourself.

Work on anything that makes sense to your life.

Personalities work with us, which makes working and spending time together more fun.

We co-create an extraordinary place that energizes you, moves your thoughts, projects, and your personality.


A)  Membership

VAT included

2 700,- / month

Up to 30 seats for your quiet work and 20 seats in the Laskafe café

Meeting room and equipment available to members

We can help you with your projects, connect you with the right people and more

Surprise, surprise, we have the Internet, the printers, the projectors, the flipcharts

We don't disturb each other. We have suitable premises to handle your calls.

10% discount on coffee / soda / beer and other services in our café-bar.

B) Credits

Top up the credit to use the cowork whenever you need it.

900,- = 5 days

1700,- = 10    days

2900,- = 20    days

C) Hour / Day

 40,- / hour

240,- / day

Any questions? Call Pavel at +420 774 370 547 or pavel(at)


 145,- / hour / child

100,- / hour / +1 child

- We have a brand new service for you! The babysitting is provided by our colleague Marketa, who is pedagogical educated and has worked 3 years as a kindergarten teacher.

- The service takes place in a separate room next door to avoid contact with foreigners.

  (Children are not around but still around the corner if needed).

- Babysitting is available for children approx. 3 - 6 years old.

- Babysitting is available (for now) every weekday from 8:30 to 11:30 AM.

- To arrange the babysitting, please call Marketa at least one day before Tel. 731 271 140

- Pricelist for babysitting + coworking at Pracovna:

Coworking with  babysitting


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